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FC is still up in the air for me. I'm kinda 60% of the way to being absolutely sure that I'm going to be able to make it. I requested the time off and got it appoved, but my finances are in the crimson... I need to get the oil changed in my car before I make the trip and I'm crossing my fingers that my paycheck next week will be a decent one and on time. Here's hoping I will actually be able to make it... if I don't this will be my first FC missed in eight years!
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Make it out!!! I want to see you
I am passing this year. It will be the first FC I've missed since 2000. Oh well, I have had a good run. I figure I'll end up doing something with Cam that weekend in order to deal with the inevitable disappointment that will come with not being able to go. Will alcohol be involved? I certainly hope so.
erf, didn't mean to reply to you, sorry! =^-^=;
I REALLY hope you'll make it! I wish I could help you out with the finances but I'm literally spending all the money I have on the trip myself. Yes, I must be crazy.
Good luck :)
The key is to take a lotta commissions to do *after* the con and do 'em over the next month or so when ya git back, then you can spend the time at the con havin' fun! (wif people like Goldy... hope ya kin make it, pineapple-fox!)
I don't think I'll be taking many more commissions, though. I can't really ask THAT much for them and it takes me a lot of time to make them. One rule for me is that I should never promise people to do something for them later, because I'm a terrible planner and they always end up waiting for ages (and I end up working during nights and losing money rather than earning). I prefer doing giftarts for friends when I feel like it! That's much more rewarding than 15 bucks for a commission :)
(and ofcourse, at FC I'll giving/trading sketches for fun!)

But now I'm spamming Goldie's LJ :p