Goldenrod J. Fox (goldenrod) wrote,
Goldenrod J. Fox


Park was full. No Disneylandfor me. :( Oh well I'll just celebrate NewYears at home.
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aw man! sucks. spending mine home (alone) too.

...quick, hop the fence!

Sorry to hear that Goldie. If I live closer to you I'd love to hang out.
At least you got Art and Cam to celebrate with
It's a shame I couldn't find something in the middle (between being alone and being packed in an area with thousands of other people.)

Happy New Year!
Damn; and to think a new penpal of mine did. :-/

I find myself free of any problems with her, but I find it suspicious that she got to go & yo didn't.

However, I hope you made your New Year's celebration work. :-)
Poor guy. :(