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goldenrod's Journal

Goldenrod J. Fox
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I grew up in the Mojave desert, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend college. I'm a former music student at Cal State University Hayward. I'm currently living in Orange County, CA.

If I have added you to my livejournal friends list and you don't know me, it's probably because I would like to get to know you based on something I saw in your journal, or perhaps your lj interests. There's also the chance that I just admire your artwork, and have added you to my list in hopes of catching art that you post to your journal. In any event, should you feel that you would rather not be on my list, please send me an email or IM me, and I will kindly remove you.

1988, 1994, 80's nostalgia, 80s, agnosticism, alan menken, alias, animals, animated films, animation, animation art, anthropomorphic animals, anthropomorphism, back to the future, barenaked ladies, beatles, billy joel, boz scaggs, broadway musicals, captain ron, care bears, cartoons, cats don't dance, cigars, clarinet, coffee, common sense, computers, crash test dummies, creativity, crocs, cute, cute things, dave matthews band, daws butler, digitech, dimarzio, disney, disney afternoon, disney history, disney trivia, disneyland, docutech, don bluth, drawing, e-mu, electric guitar, electric light orchestra, elton john, eric johnson, existentialism, fender, film scores, five iron frenzy, flute, fountains of wayne, foxes, fraggle rock, funday pawpet show, funny animals, furry, furry art, furry fandom, fursuiting, further confusion, get smart, graphic design, gravis ultrasound, guitar, guitar effects, hanna-barbera, harry potter, herobear, homestar runner, igen3, imagination, into the woods, irc, jac redford, jaco pastorius, jennifer garner, jim cummings, joe satriani, jymn magon, linux, lion king, logan whitehurst, mac os x, macintosh, matchless, michael silversher, minidisc, mozart, music, music theory, nelvana, netbsd, oliver & company, open canvas, openbsd, opencanvas, origami, ozy and millie, pablo cruise, peace, peet's coffee, piano, pogo possum, pound puppies, rent, saxophone, scion xb, scrabble, seasound solo, seymour duncan, shawn keller, singing in car, sketches, sperry top-sider, starbucks, steely dan, stephen sondhiem, steve lukather, stratocaster, sun microsystems, susan egan, tale spin, team fortress 2, telecaster, tenor sax, the disney afternoon, the last unicorn, the lion king, they might be giants, thoreau, toony animals, trillian, tube amps, unix, voice chasing, wacom graphire, wacom intuos, watercolor, winamp, wuzzles, xerox, yanagisawa, yerf,